Virtual Events

The idea of a virtual event is transferring traditional, physical exhibition concepts to the virtual world. As with a physical conference, the two main goals of a virtual conference are distribution of information and interaction between participants. A good virtual event pays equal attention to both goals. It is thus highly different from traditional online communications, which either focus on interaction (e.g. web conferencing for small groups) or on information transmission (e.g. web casts for large groups).

If a virtual event is well planned and based on a well designed platform, it offers the option to complement or even completely replace a physical event. Read through the section benefits to learn more about how your organization can profit from virtual events. Also browse through the following pages to learn about what types of events can be virtualized and how they differ from each other:

You should check the following site if you are interested in organizing webinars: How to make a successful webinar!


We have published a success story with MAN. This report describes how MAN enhanced the reach of its physical exhibition at the "Internationale Automobil Ausstellung" (IAA) with a virtual press conference on the ubivent platform. Read more about it at the according reference page.