Virtual Event Platform

We have integrated the newest Internet technologies into a stunning virtual environment. This enables online communication even in large groups of up to tens of thousands of participants and provides them with a real event feeling. Typically, an online event consists of any combination of the following main components:

While the components are seamlessly integrated into a self-contained conference similar to a physical exhibition center, the platform is highly flexible and scalable. Supporting small online events or virtual conferences and fairs with of up to tens of thousands of participants is easily possible. Furthermore, you can adjust all design components - or simply use templates.


Would you like to see a demo event on our platform? Just send us a message!


Roche Diabetes Care trusts in the ubivent platform for virtual events as a solution for their global, internal marketing communication. Henning Franke, Head of Site Development, emphasizes that Roche is very satisfied with the online realization of the Accu-Chek® Meetings: „Going virtual has been exactly the right step at the right time. Reaching more people in more countries at a much lower cost allows us to distribute and implement global marketing concepts much faster and to be ahead of our competition. The ubivent platform offers everything our company needs in order to profit from this advantage.“ Read more about the Roche’s annual, virtual Accu-Chek® Meetings here.