Exhibition Hall with Booths

In the virtual exhibition hall, conference attendees can browse through booths. These virtual booths can be adjusted to your corporate identity, and all elements can be more or less emphasized, depending on how you want to present your content.

Live interaction with booth staff

You can also staff each booth with individual contact persons. Avatars of these contact persons appear as soon as they log on to the platform. Every visitor of the booth can simply click on these avatars to start a video-based or text-based chat. The number of staff on a booth is not restricted in any way! A complex algorithm ensures that at any point in time only those avatars are shown on the booth which are currently least busy.


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We have published a new success story for the IfCC’s (The Institute for Cloud Computing) online congress “ProCloud Forum - The Online Congress for Cloud Solutions”. One highlight of this event was the panel discussion, which was streamed live and ensured rich interaction. Read more about this event here.