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ubivent develops and provides solutions for virtual events and offers services for online events, virtual conferences, online fairs, and live-streaming. This allows companies to extend the reach of events, to contribute to a sustainable economy, and to reduce event costs dramatically. With customers like BASF, John Deere, MAN, Microsoft, Roche, and SAP, ubivent is among the world's leading virtual event providers. Also numerous small and midsize companies are among the clients of the award winning IT company.

The ubivent GmbH is a subsidiary of meetyoo conferencing GmbH.

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Examples of virtual events are virtual conferences and online fairs, live streaming, virtual employee events, virtual recruiting and career fairs, virtual marketing events, online trainings and virtual academies.

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Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in the future of Internet communications for large audiences. We are always looking for bright and motivated professionals who want to support us in building this future.

Do you have a strong passion for working with newest technologies? Are you interested in working in a highly dynamic environment? Do you want to become part of a fast growing team? If your answer to these questions is a clear yes, then you might want to check out our job offerings on this site.

Job offers

You can find all vacancies here: current job offers.

Dual Education System ("Duales Studium")

We are also offering positions for a "Duales Studium (B.A.)" in Mannheim. Please have a look at our German page for more information.


We are always looking for highly motivated students to join our team for an internship (at least 3 months). So if you are interested in virtual events, just send us your CV to and we will see if we can find an interesting task for you. Please also indicate the areas in which you are most interested: development, project management, marketing, ...

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Here is an example of a use case using the ubivent-service in addition to a physical event. Guests from all over the world can attend your event − even live! Thanks to the increased reach your lead-generation can be improved vastly!

Also here's a review of the Online HR Conference "CHRO Virtual Summit" with over 5000 visitors from over 100 countries, 12 presentations by experts from 6 different time zones and over 8 hours of interesting keynotes. The positive feedback received from both the participants and our customers regarding this virtual events clearly shows: virtual events based on our ubivent platform aren't getting boring!

Here is an example of how our virtual event platform could look like taking the corporate identity of a company or an institution into consideration. Both functionality as well as designs can be tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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Dr. Jens Arndt

Dr. Jens Arndt

Managing Director of Operations and Finance

Jens worked on different IT projects for mutliple companies in the US and Germany. In his last job at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, the worldwide market leader for offset printing presses, Jens led a team responsible for defining and enforcing a company-wide Business Intelligence strategy. In 2009 he quit this job to found ubivent. Here, he is responsible for internal operations, finance, and project management.

Dr. Thomas Butter

Dr. Thomas Butter

Managing Director of Research and Development

Thomas is an experienced software developer. He actively participated in multiple open source projects, and has conducted extensive research in novel software development tools and methods. He worked in different roles on various software projects, the last one being the technical manager for several virtual event projects at SAP AG. In early 2009, dissatisfied by the existing platforms, he quit his job and started his own virtual event company. At ubivent, he is responsible for research and development.

Dr. Michael Geisser

Dr. Michael Geisser

Managing Director Market Development

Michael has ample experience working for different finance and IT companies in Europe. During his last assignment with SAP AG he managed a program of strategic IT initiatives, one of them being the introduction of virtual events to this company. In order to develop a leading virtual event provider, he left SAP in 2009 to found ubivent. Here, he is mainly responsible for the development of new markets.

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