Company Profile

ubivent develops and provides solutions for virtual events and offers services for online events, virtual conferences, online fairs, and live-streaming. This allows companies

  • (a) to extend the reach of events,
  • (b) to contribute to a sustainable economy, and
  • (c) to reduce event costs dramatically!

With customers like BASF, John Deere, MAN, Microsoft, Roche, and SAP, ubivent is among the world's leading virtual event providers. Also numerous small and midsize companies are among the clients of the award winning IT company.

Examples of virtual events with ubivent are virtual conferences and online fairs, live streaming, virtual employee events, virtual recruiting and career fairs, virtual marketing events, online trainings and virtual academies. The ubivent GmbH is a subsidiary of meetyoo conferencing GmbH.


Two days full of live lectures from the world’s leading experts. A total of 16 speakers from 10 different nations. Several thousands of participants from more than 100 countries all over the world. These facts alone represent a demanding task for the host of the event. If moreover another requirement is that the participation is free of charge, the challenge is almost impossible to master in the physical world. That is the reason why The Resource Alliance initiative decided to hold the Fundraising Online conference as a virtual event with ubivent. Here you can find more information about this successful project.