Keynote Theater

The virtual keynote theater is the broadcasting component of your online event. We support the following video streams:

  • (a) live (studio/conference): video streaming from a location;
  • (b) live (webcam): video streaming with your webcam;
  • (c) pseudo-live: pre-recorded and played at a fixed time;
  • (d) on demand: pre-recorded and played on request.

Each virtual event should include some live or pseudo-live parts, since this strengthens the interaction and produces a real "event feeling" for the participants.

Adjust it to your needs

The virtual auditorium can be tailored to your individual needs: with or without slides, with or without subtitles and translation. Also polls, feedback, or online tests can be integrated.

Lively interaction

In order to enable interaction, you should combine video presentations with chats. Such a chat could start right after the presentation. A moderator could also approve messages of the attendees in a certain sequence to guide the flow of the discussion. Anwers can be given in the group chat or via webcam.

The virtual auditorium is mainly used for interaction in a group. Personal interaction is fostered at the virtual booths.


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