Virtual Employee Events

Cost reduction is a big advantage when organising a virtual internal event, because the event’s participants don’t need to spend any travel expenses. This also makes the organizing company a pioneer by reducing environmental strain. There a numerous ways of conducting an internal corporate event: internal field kick-off meetings and R&D conferences are two popular examples. Considering that such events are often used to exchange confidential information, very high security standards are required: a huge advantage of our ubivent technology.

Read more about this topic in our case studies of Barmenia’s and Roche's virtual corporate events.



Roche Diabetes Care trusts in the ubivent platform for virtual events as a solution for their global, internal marketing communication. Henning Franke, Head of Site Development, emphasizes that Roche is very satisfied with the online realization of the Accu-Chek® Meetings: „Going virtual has been exactly the right step at the right time. Reaching more people in more countries at a much lower cost allows us to distribute and implement global marketing concepts much faster and to be ahead of our competition. The ubivent platform offers everything our company needs in order to profit from this advantage.“

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