Conferences and Fairs

Virtual congresses, conferences and events are important economic factors with promising futures. However, such events often include long travels and big expenditures for both the participants as well as the hosts. Cost-efficient and ecologically friendly alternatives are virtual fairs and online conferences. Lively interaction is guaranteed through the inclusion of live chats both for groups and for private one-on-one communication. Furthermore, virtual booths are used to convey information and to answer individual questions via live chats.

Read more about our successfully conducted events, such as the "greenmeetings and events" conference, the ProCloud Forum (a virtual congress for cloud solutions), or the virtual marketplace of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The Select AG conducts their virtual trade show on our virtual event platform.


If you want to learn more about virtual conferences and fairs or a demo-account, contact us here.

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We have published a new success story for the IfCC’s (The Institute for Cloud Computing) online congress “ProCloud Forum - The Online Congress for Cloud Solutions”. One highlight of this event was the panel discussion, which was streamed live and ensured rich interaction. Read more about this event here.