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Virtual congresses, conferences and events are important economic factors with promising futures. However, such events often include long travels and big expenditures for both the participants as well as the hosts. Cost-efficient and ecologically friendly alternatives are virtual fairs and online conferences. Lively interaction is guaranteed through the inclusion of live chats both for groups and for private one-on-one communication. Furthermore, virtual booths are used to convey information and to answer individual questions via live chats.

Read more about our successfully conducted events, such as the virtual conference by "The Resource Alliance", the virtual usability fair, the ProCloud Forum (a virtual congress for cloud solutions), or the virtual marketplace of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Furthermore, the Select AG conducts their virtual trade shows on our virtual event platform.



The Select AG “MesseWelt” has already established itself in the market, with thousands of visitors taking part regularly. Stephan Westbrock, chief executive of Select AG, correspondingly draws a very positive conclusion: „We are more than satisfied with the course of the MesseWelt. The numbers speak for themselves: Several thousands of esperts are participating in the online fairs. The feedback we receive exceeds all our expectations. The wide range of services offered not only saves time for the automobile repair shops, it also gives them the possibility to find out about new industry trends - all just one mouse click away!“

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If you want to learn more about virtual conferences and fairs or a demo-account, contact us here. Or click here for general information about virtual conferences and online fairs.

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