Virtual Career Fairs

Your future employees want to communicate online - not only for personal amusement, but also for finding jobs! As well as increased reach, virtual career fairs have other benefits as well: for example, such events do not only reach students and alumni, but they also reach professionals who are not actively in search of a job and will not attend physical career fairs. A virtual career fair can be conducted jointly by several companies to present themselves as potential employers; or a single company uses the exclusiveness of their own virtual career event. The rate of recommendations and satisfaction of the participants of our virtual career fairs are above 90%. Additionally, a positive impact on the company brand can be measured. This is one of the reasons why ubivent’s solution for online career fairs was awarded at CeBIT as one of the top 3 innovations in the branch of human resources.

Learn more about the successful realisations of virtual career fairs by reading reports about BASF’s virtual career day, John Deere’s online career event and Queb's career fair for women in the STEM fields. Also, the University of Mannheim conducts virtual information days for future students. Furthermore, People Development’s and the Alumniportal Germany's success stories show that international and multilingual fairs do not present a problem for our ubivent platform. Furthermore, Jobleads' virtual IT Job Fair shows how one career event can evolve into a regular event series.


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Deere & Company has decided to use our ubivent platform on a regular basis for hosting online career days. Ingolf Prüfer, Director of HR Europe, confirms this successful collaboration: "Virtual career fairs are an important tool to present John Deere as employer of choice. With ubivent we could reach this goal on highest standard." Read more about it in our success story.