Virtual information fairs by the University of Mannheim

Virtual information fairs by the University of Mannheim

As part of its international strategy, and in order to reach prospective students worldwide, the University of Mannheim conducts virtual events based on the ubivent platform regularly. Two case studies exemplify how the ubivent technology can be used for virtual information fairs.

Virtual Information Fair for the Department of Business Informatics

For several years, virtual information fairs for the department of Business Informatics have shown how successful the concept of online events is for the education sector. Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl, professor and chair holder at the University of Mannheim, states: "This was the first time we could directly interact with prospective students across Europe and beyond without the need for intense traveling. It helped us to propagate the strengths of our University and especially of our bachelor and master programs in business informatics."

Virtual Information Fair for the "Mannheim Master in Management"

Another example for successful online events in the education sector are the virtual information fairs for the "Mannheim Master in Management". These events illustrate as well that ubivent’s virtual platform is a key factor for the recruiting of students for the University of Mannheim. Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl confirms the success of the event formats: "Thanks to the ubivent platform, we are able to reach far more prospective students than ever possible with a physical event. Because of these virtual events, we get the chance to select our future students from a bigger and more qualified pool of applicants than before. This innovative concept was conducted very smoothly and professionally by ubivent. Therefore, virtual events will play a key role in our future event plans."