Web TV by unify

"Web TV" by Unify

Unify has been known as Siemens Enterprise Communications until October, 15th 2013. Rather than only giving the global organization with more than 10,000 employees a different name, a completely new brand was introduced on this day. Thus, the demand for information was huge. For the German speaking community insights, opinions, and prospects for this global re-branding were presented in a series of Web-TVs. These were discussions, among others with Dr. Berit Schubert (SVP Marketing & Communication), Klaus Stöckert (SVP Global Accounts) and Martin Kinne (General Manager). These sessions were streamed live on the ubivent platform. Several hundred viewers joined each of these Web-TVs. However, “viewers” is not quite the correct term. It was not only possible to follow the discussion, but also to ask questions right away. Christine Wolters (VP Corporate Communications) and her team received the questions and forwarded them directly to the panel.

Consequently, thanks to our ubivent technology, Unify has been able to already fulfill one of the goals of the new brand: Being even closer to the customer.