Virtual career fairs at Siemens

Nowadays attracting and retaining talent is for every company an important issue. The reasons for this are manifold: In countries such as Germany, demographic change results in a smaller and smaller size of the working population in general. Additionally highly qualified professionals are as mobile as they have never been before – searching for career opportunities in a global economy. In this context even industry giants like Siemens have to break new ground to win today´s high potentials that make the difference tomorrow! This is especially true when it comes to certain IT skills. To excel in fields like Automation Solutions, Internet of Things, or Big Data Analysis, professionals are needed who possess deep IT knowledge – a narrow target group.

In order to address exactly this group, Siemens decided to transform the classical career fair into the digital world. Based on ubivent’s virtual event platform, Siemens conducted an online career fair for the IT within Corporate Technology – the Center of Siemens Research. The event day was packed with content and communication – ranging from video presentations on up-to-date research findings in the virtual auditorium, over group chats in a networking lounge, to private and confidential conversations at online booths. This concept was well received by the target group and several hundreds participated! The overwhelming majority of these perceived their visit as beneficial which is clearly shown by the fact that more than 95% declared that they would recommend such a virtual event to their peers!

And the online event wasn´t only successful for the participants. Also Siemens was very satisfied with the event and its outcome. The virtual fair contributed to both employer branding and recruiting. As Manuela Wolf, responsible project manager at Siemens, sums it up: “We were engaged in close interaction with our visitors all day long. Of course everyone knew Siemens, but many were not aware of the cutting edge topics that we are currently working on – especially in the field of IT. Many other participants came particularly for first-hand information about specific subjects. For us, this virtual fair was a clear success with enthusiastic participants and first successful placements. A big thank you to ubivent for making this possible.”

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