the mintmap

mintmap by Queb:

an Online Career Fair for Women

Not only has the fact that women are outnumbered in management positions been all over the media, women are also shorthanded in the so-called STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Queb, which is a well known organisation for employer branding, tries to reduce this discrepancy by organizing an online career fair for women in the STEM fields: mintmap. Regularly especially women can get in contact with high-ranking companies. The fair does not only offer interesting presentations but also introduces various employers at individual company booths.

The offer is particularly attractive to employed professionals who usually avoid physical career fairs in fear of being seen by their employers or colleagues. Christian Bothe, Consultant “Employer Branding & Recruiting Standards & Processes” at Continental AG, voices his thoughts on this phenomenon: “It was the first time that Continental took part in a virtual fair. Even though we are present at physical events, online fairs are the perfect way to address already employed professionals.”

At individually designed company booths, the participants have the opportunity to browse through information material, watch videos, or contact the companies’ representatives to get answers to specific questions via individual text chats. This feature is received very positively. Susanne Altenburger, master student of industrial engineering, describes her impression: “The chat conversations reminded me of my experiences at physical fairs. They were a first move in getting to know each other. I didn’t expect the conversations to be this efficient. They were very concise, and I got the links to suitable job offers very quickly.”

The various presentations in the keynote theaters offer interesting impulses as well as advice regarding application processes and information on new technologies. All these different aspects make the fair a huge success for all involved parties. One success factor in particular is praised over and over again: the accessibility of the fair. Participants could enter the fair easily at their own time and speed to get career impulses and also to leave a good first impression with their potential future employers.

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