Internal online events and virtual career fairs at BASF

Internal online events and virtual career fairs at BASF

BASF has organized several virtual events on our platform. Here are two examples: one about a company-internal virtual event, and one about a virtual career fair.

Company-Internal Virtual Event

BASF has decided to augment its global IS Summit with a virtual component. The physical event brought together IT professionals from all over the world in Frankenthal, near the BASF headquarters. Shortly after the event keynotes, workshop results, street interviews, and other materials were available on the ubivent virtual event platform. This virtual event lasted for three months and has been open for the entire BASF IT community. So especially for people whose tough schedule did not allow them to participate in person, so that they were able to catch up with their collegues at their own time and pace.

Virtual Career Day

BASF has organized a virtual career fair on the ubivent platform and has received positive feedback throughout. More than 900 participants from all over the world (e.g. from Germany, USA, Brazil, China and Southeast Asia) have participated in this virtual career day. The virtual career day also created a lot of buzz in both regional and nation-wide newspapers. Furthermore, the ubivent solution for virtual recruiting days was awarded at CeBIT as one of the three most innovative products of the year 2011 in the HR category. Due to this huge success we have published another joint case study with BASF.

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