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‘INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT’ and ‘Software made in Germany’


03/27/2017. ubivent is awarded again!
MISSION. INNOVATION. - This has been the slogan of the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT in 2017. And again, countless innovative companies have applied for this highly prestigious award. The choice of the expert jury, chaired by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH, has not been a simple one: To award the prize not only to the most innovative IT services that promise to set new trends for the industry, but to those that are most useful especially for small-and-medium-sized enterprises. Once again, ubivent GmbH has been one of the prime candidates for this price in IT innovation. So it is no surprise that in 2017 ubivent GmbH wins the award in five categories: online marketing, e-learning, internet service, human resources and IT service! This illustrates very well how well the concept of virtual events is established in very different settings!
In addition, ubivent is proud to be awarded the seal of approval "Software made in Germany" for the fifth year in a row. This internationally recognized seal - awarded by the BITMi under the protectorate of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy - certifies outstanding quality of software products made in Germany.

We thank you for these great awards!
- Larissa

Virtual Events “made in Germany” come together!

Uebernahme 2016

10/24/2016. German technology conference provider meetyoo is expanding its virtual events business with the takeover of ubivent GmbH. ubivent for its part is very positive about this move: "By joining meetyoo, we open up completely new opportunities and potential to further expand our technology and offer it to a wider customer base," says Dr. Michael Geisser, Managing Director of ubivent. meetyoo is also excited about this step: "With the acquisition of ubivent, our customers will benefit from the focused drive of two companies setting high standards for themselves in their respective disciplines," says meetyoo founder Tony E. Kula. "We will bring together the leading development know-how of the conference industry with our uncompromising standards in terms of quality and service competency." Kula is convinced that this will provide new impetus to further develop meetyoo multimedia products: "With this increased software expertise, we will continue to grow our portfolio under the hallmark ‘made in Germany’ and will maintain our focus on the European market."

We are looking forward to an exciting future!
Click here for the complete press release.
- Stefanie

The digital society is already there - the #EOA16 shows how it works

EOA 2016

04/15/2016. Einfach Online Arbeiten - we proudly present this amazing event on our virtual platform. Innovative exhibitors and excellent speakers share with you their insights about trends and present new solutions for communication, collaboration, customer service and cloud computing. Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge and network! The exhibitors will welcome you at a unique conference area consisting of four showfloors and a huge conference hall. By means of video chats and more interactive features, you can participate from all over the world. Please find more information about this virtual conference here (in German).
- Johann

From Online-Marketing through IT-Service - the ubivent ‘Software made in Germany’ has again received several awards

Auszeichnungen 2016

03/31/2016. The most innovative IT-solutions and their value for medium-sized businesses were awarded with the “INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT” under the motto “THINK. INNOVATION.”. Again the ubivent platform is at the top in four categories: Online-Marketing, E-Learning, Human Resources and IT-Service! Furthermore we are very happy to be awarded with the seal of quality “Software made in Germany” for the fifth time since 2012. “Kids and adults worldwide admire German cars and their outstanding technology, quality and value sustainability. Why shouldn’t the Label “Software made in Germany” aim to reach a comaprable market position?” asks Martin Hubschneider (CEO of CAS Software AG).
- Johann

The 1st virtual EPLAN fair - a total success


02/29/2016. Digitalisation is also continuing in the event sector. The solution provider EPLAN took the next leap in communication with a pilot project virtual fair: on February 16, the digital doors opened to the “EPLAN Virtual Fair” for customers and potential customers from all over the world. The feedback was outstanding: roughly 500 participants from more than 55 countries all over the world obtained information about current solutions and strategies in a focused and time-saving way. It was of course free to visit the in-house fair. Click here for more information about this virtual fair.
- taken from EPLAN's website

The Virtual Fundraising Online Conference from The Resource Alliance

Resource Alliance

11/26/2015. Two days full of live lectures from the world’s leading experts. A total of 16 speakers from 10 different nations. Several thousands of participants from more than 100 countries all over the world. Sherena Corfield from The Resource Alliance confirms the success of this virtual event as follows: “We offer an attractive conference with top-class lecturers to the global community and we have several thousands of registrations every year. We evaluated all popular event platforms and decided to work together with ubivent. The smooth process, the professional support during the entire course of the project as well as the extremely positive feedback from our participants and lecturers show us that with ubivent we have found the perfect partner.” We are very happy about such positive feedback! Click here for more information and a detailed white paper about this project.
- Thea

Virtual career fairs at Siemens


10/01/2015. Nowadays attracting and retaining talent is for every company an important issue. Additionally highly qualified professionals are today as mobile as they have never been before – searching for career opportunities in a global economy. To excite these professionals for their own organisation, also large corporations need to go new ways of recruitment. In order to address exactly this group, Siemens decided to transform the classical career fair into the digital world. Based on ubivent’s virtual event platform, Siemens conducted an online career fair for the IT within Corporate Technology – the Center of Siemens Research. Manuela Wolf, responsible project manager at Siemens, sums it up: “We were engaged in close interaction with our visitors all day long. For us, this virtual fair was a clear success with enthusiastic participants and first successful placements. A big thank you to ubivent for making this possible.” Here you can find more information about this successful projekt.
- Thea

Global Online Job Fair for Armenians

GIZ Armenien

06/15/2015. Together with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ ), we have published a new white paper about the first global online career fair for Armenians. In recent years, highly qualified professionals left Armenia to have a career in other parts of the world. To counteract this trend, a global online career fair was organized. This way, emigrated Armenians could contact Armenian employers. With nearly 1000 visitors the fair was a great success, as Karine Simonyan, who operates as project manager for the GIZ in Yerevan (Armenia), confirms: "We have been the very first to organize such an online event for Armenia. Despite our role as pioneers in our country, we never had a second of doubt that the project will be anything but a huge success." Read more here: Global Online Job Fair for Armenians
- Thea

Four at a time – ubivent receives IT Innovation Award in four categories

Initiative Mittelstand

05/20/2015. The IT Innovation Award by Microsoft and “Initiative Mittelstand“ is awarded to innovative IT solutions with a high benefit for the SME sector. The ubivent platform convinced the jury multiple times and belongs to the absolute top group in four categories: E-learning, Human Resources, IT Services and Online Marketing! We are very proud to receive this award in these four categories! At the same time, this strengthens our strategy to both offer virtual events solutions for large corporations, but also for small and midsized enterprises!
- Thea

White Paper: the Virtual Usability Fair


05/07/2015. Our new white paper introduces the virtual fair “Simply intuitive – usability for small and medium-sized enterprises” by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi). This initiative was developed as part of the funding initiative “Mittelstand Digital” and promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. “Due to its high usability, the ubivent platform was ideally suited for hosting the event as online fair. This format is perfect for our target group, which is located all over Germany and beyond,” comments Martin Hubschneider, vice president and member of the board of directors of BITMi. Request this white paper here.
- Michael

job4u’s virtual career fair won the prize for “best idea”


03/24/2015. The job4u network conducts virtual career fairs directed at students, who want to enter an apprenticeship program. The concept for these fairs was awarded by the innovation bureau “skilled employees for the region” and by the “Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs”. The fair was named the “best idea for networking and personnel marketing”. We congratulate job4u for this outstanding achievement and are proud to be part of such a successful project, which opens on June, 4th 2015!
- Clara

First virtual career fair for physicians and medical students


03/12/2015. Together with the Centers for Psychiatry Baden-Württemberg (ZfP) and nes:media, we have published a success story about the first virtual career fair for physicians and medical students. Claudia Kellermann, responsible for the fair’s marketing at ZfP Weinsberg, sums up the benefits of the fair: “Such an event saves time and money for everyone, since its participation is free of charge for visitors and there is no need to travel or pay expensive booth rent“. Read the whole success story here.
- Clara

The Select AG’s MesseWelt trade show


02/19/2015. The Select AG “MesseWelt” has already established itself in the market, with thousands of visitors taking part regularly. Stephan Westbrock, chief executive of Select AG, correspondingly draws a very positive conclusion: “We are more than satisfied with the course of the MesseWelt. The numbers speak for themselves: Several thousands of experts are participating in the online fairs. The feedback we receive exceeds all our expectations. The wide range of services offered not only saves time for the automobile repair shops, it also gives them the possibility to find out about new industry trends - all just one mouse click away!“ Jointly with the Select AG, we have published a success story with background information, screenshots and more voices of the participants: The MesseWelt trade fair of SELECT AG.
- Clara

Virtual IT Job Fair


02/04/2015. After several years of conducting the virtual IT Job Fair jointly with Jobleads, we have now published a success story on our cooperation. Today, the Virtual IT Job Fair has been established as the biggest online career fair for IT professionals in German-speaking countries. Highly reputable companies are regularly participating in this event. Especially professionals seize this uncomplicated opportunity to gather information on a job transition. The next IT job fair will already take place on March 5th. Read more about this success story in our reference section.
- Clara

mintmap - The virtual career fair for women in the STEM sector


01/12/2015.A very successful online career for women took place on our platform and a lot of renowned companies have participated as exhibitors: Bayer, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Deutsche Bahn, Telekom, EMC, Ernst & Young, Infineon, Intel, Microsoft, Munich RE, Osram, Parexel, Philips, Rohde & Schwarz and Siemens. Especially the easy and flexible use of our ubivent platform was praised by the participants. The exhibiting companies were all more than satisfied: “Online fairs are the perfect way to address already employed people”, explains Christian Bothe from the Continental AG. Read more here.
- Clara

4Com Contact Center Innovationen 2014


12/12/2014. The midium-sized technology company 4Com hosted its first virtual event "4Com Contact Center Innovations 2014" on our ubivent platform. With over 200 participants, this event was a huge success. The participants really enjoyed the presentations which were streamed live from a professional studio in Hanover. 4Com’s managing director Holger Klewe is enthusiastic: “This virtual event was an innovative experience for all parties - hosts as well as participants. This event will not only be continued in the coming year, but even enhanced. We are really looking forward to our 4Com Contact Center Innovations in 2015!” We are very proud to be part of such an exciting virtual live event and we are already looking forward to next year! Read more about the event in the corresponding reference section.
- Clara

Virtual Events in "Innovationen im Personalmanagement"

Innovationen im Personalmanagement

11/12/2014. We are excited that virtual events are a topic even discussed in specialist literature. Dr. Michael Geisser wrote a chapter about virtual career events for the recently published book “Innovationen im Personalmanagement” (Innovations in Personnel Management). This book is the first to illustrate extraordinary and creative innovations for the human resources management. Among others, it explains how virtual events can be used successfully for HR marketing. The book can be purchased in German here.
- Clara

Virtual Career and Education Fairs in Africa, Asia and South America

Alumniportal Germany

09/16/2014. In cooperation with the Alumniportal Germany, we have established virtual career and education fairs under the brand “Trained in GermanY“. These online fairs help German companies to find suitable experts for their international offices, for example in Africa, Asia and South America. Katrin Haufe-Wadle, responsible Content Manger at the DAAD / Alumniportal Germany, is excited about the success: “Thanks to the virtual fairs on the ubivent platform, we can give our alumni specific information on career options all over the world. This technology enables people to overcome large distances without any effort by globally connecting participants to one another in a more direct and efficient way.” We published a success story on this topic, which contains screenshots as well as further insights. You can download it here:
virtual career and education fairs “Trained in GermanY”.
- Stefanie

The Universtity of Mannheim’s Virtual Information Fairs

University of Mannheim

06/16/2014. After several joint projects, we are happy to publish already the second case study together with the University of Mannheim. The success of virtual events in the education sector is illustrated by the example of the virtual information fair for the “Mannheim Master in Management”. Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl comments on the benefits of such online events: “Thanks to the ubivent platform, we are able to reach far more prospective students than ever possible with a physical event. Because of these virtual events, we get the chance to select our future students from a bigger and more qualified pool of applicants than before. This innovative concept was conducted very smoothly and professionally by ubivent. Therefore, virtual events will play a key role in our future event plans.”
You can find the whole success story here.
- Clara

Roche's Global Accu-Chek® Meetings

Roche's internal corporate communication

04/02/2014. We are very happy to publish a new case study with our long-term customer Roche Diabetes Care. The company uses our ubivent platform for internal corporate communications by hosting annual, global Accu Chek Meetings. Through screenshots, customer voices and background information, this case study illustrates how these events help to closely connect the activities of global and country organizations without causing high costs. This success is confirmed by Henning Franke, Head of Site Development, who played a key role in the decision to use virtual events in this context: „Going virtual has been exactly the right step at the right time. Reaching more people in more countries at a much lower cost allows us to distribute and implement global marketing concepts much faster and to be ahead of our competition. The ubivent platform offers everything our company needs in order to profit from this advantage.“
Download the whole report here.
- Clara

Start into the next quarter with two awards for ubivent

BITMi awards ubivent

03/27/2014. Projects, projects, projects… 2014 has already been packed with successes for ubivent. This great start into the year is now followed by two awards given to ubivent at this year’s CeBIT. Similar to the preceding years, ubivent was awarded with the seal of quality “Software made in Germany” by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi). This certificate highlights ubivent’s excellent software quality, high security in investment, and customer-friendly service. The usefulness for small and medium enterprises of the ubivent platform was also confirmed by the “Innovation Prize IT” in the category “Communications”. These two awards make us proud and encourage us in our aim to create appealing solutions not only for big companies, but also for medium-sized businesses.
Have a look at both certificates here.
- Clara

MICE Think Tank with ubivent on March, 5th

Think-Tank with ubivent

19.02.2014. ubivent participates in the leading travel industry think tank. On March 5th, Dr. Michael Geisser and Prof. Stefan Luppold will give a presentation on the topic "Virtual Communication And Hybrid Events – Concepts For Tomorrow". This talk will feature a lot of different ubivent best practice examples: "A virtual event connecting seven locations and reaching participants around the whole world? An online fair staged by the same organizer simultaneously in Brazil, India, Russia and Europe? Interactive WebTV which integrates the viewer instead of sprinkling him with broadcast? All that is not pie in the sky but has been done by innovative companies. Case studies show how personal communication can be meaningfully linked with virtual components, creating common additional value."
- Michael

Unify's 'Web TV'

Unify's Web TV

01/21/2014. A Web-TV series based on our ubivent platform enabled everyone interested to get information on insights, opinions and prospects for the global re-branding of Unify. The participants were not only able to view these series, but could also interact with the panel. They could ask questions which then were directly answered in the discussion. This enabled Unify to get closer to their customers.
Read more on Unify's 'Web TV'here!
- Clara

Success Story for Online Congress

Virtual Congress: ProCloud Forum

08/27/2013. The Institute for Cloud Computing (IfCC) conducted the “ProCloud Forum - The Online Congress for Cloud Solutions” based on our platform for virtual events. The online congress ProCloud Forum enables exhibitors to present their cloud solutions at virtual booths. At these booths the visitors may gather information through videos or documents. One highlight of this event is the panel discussion, which is streamed live. Here, the interaction with the online participants was the main center of attention.
We have published a success story for this event, which includes further information and screenshots.
- Clara

The BMBF’s virtual marketplace

Virtual BMBF marketplace

08/15/2013. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research successfully uses our ubivent platform for virtual events for its online marketplace “Zwanzig20 - Partnership for Innovation“. This virtual marketplace is an important tool to support the emergence of inter-organizational networks between industry and science during the early phase of the program. The number of visitors shows the great reach of this format: several hundred participants joined the marketplace at each event day. They did not only get the chance to gather information through videos, but could also ask experts questions at the virtual booths. Hans-Peter Hiepe, Ministerialrat of the BMBF, emphasized the great value of this innovative way of interacting and communicating. We are glad to be part of this project and look forward to future successful events with BMBF.
Need more information? Read our success story about the BMBF’s project.
- Clara

Virtual MAN Press Conference

Virtual MAN Press Conference

06/11/2013. MAN decided to add a virtual component to its „Internationale Automobil Ausstellung“ (IAA) press conference. With this virtual extension, the international press was able to gather information and materials for all IAA innovations in a condensed and easily accessible form. One highlight was the presentation by the MAN Board, which has been streamed live in both English and German via the ubivent platform. Press representatives from more than 40 countries followed the presentation and asked questions via a live chat. Manfred Schurer, Head of e-Communications, praises the project: "ubivent was quick and flexible to provide us with an innovative platform. We were able to reach our internal and external stakeholders all over the world without any issue. Together, we have shown how international events will be held in the future."
Read the complete success story to get further insights: Virtual MAN Press Conference for the International Motor Show.
- Clara

Two innovation awards for our solutions “virtual interactive broadcasting” and “online career fairs”!

initiative-mittelstand 2013

06/04/2013. Keeping up with our successes from 2010, we were awarded by the “Initiative Mittelstand” (initiative for small- and midsized businesses) for our virtual event solution. This time, we even won in two categories: best IT Service and best Human Resource Solution. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Transport of the federal state of Lower Saxony, ubivent was selected from a group of 4.900 applicants to receive these awards. The awards by the Initiative Mittelstand are given to companies whose products offer huge benefits for medium-sized businesses. The innovation award for the IT Service category was awarded to us for our technology for Virtual Interactive Broadcasting, as seen at our live panel discussion at the virtual ProCloud Forum 2013. This event was broadcasted live and the audience had the chance to interact directly with the panelists. The award for the best Human Resources solution was given to us for our platform for virtual career fairs. This solution enables job seekers to inform themselves about companies and job offers at virtual booths. Also, companies can attract applicants by giving video presentations in a virtual auditorium as well as by arranging group chats with job seekers to answer important questions. We are very honored to be given these awards. This demonstrates that we are seen as an important innovation leader in the market of virtual events.
- Clara

Virtual ProCloud Forum

virtual-procloud-forum 2013

04/24/2013. The first virtual ProCloud Forum has been a great success! The online convention attracted about 250 unique visitors. They used the chance to gather information on various cloud-related topics both at virtual booths as well as in many video presentations. One of the most successful aspects was the live stream panel discussion with cloud experts. This gained the attention of many online participants. Also, IT news portals (e.g. heise) and other B2B media have reported about this event. Due to the overwhelming participation and the positive feedback, the Institute for Cloud Computing has decided to keep the virtual ProCloud Forum open. So you can still register for this event using the following link: [in German]
- Christian

Software made in Germany 2013

software made in Germany 2013

04/23/2013. This is two in a row! Once again, we have been able to convince the BITMi (Germany’s association for medium sized IT businesses) of our outstanding virtual events solution. The BITMi awarded us for a second time with the “BITMi Seal of Quality”. This seal proves the quality of German software products and improves their visibility in international markets. Our awards praise and illustrate that fast innovation cycles and solid quality do not exclude each other in software development. We are extremely proud that our ubivent platform was awarded with this seal of quality!
- Clara

Online Career Fair for Africa

People Development Virtual Career Fair

03/01/2013. People Development, the (Senegalese) regional specialist for Executive Search & Recruiting in Africa turned to ubivent to conduct a one-week online career fair specifically for Africa. People from all over the world were invited to log on to this virtual career fair to get to know the african employment market. In this innovative environment, both international corporations and regional companies had ample opportunity to present their employer brand at virtual booths. Yann Hazoume, Managing Director of People Development, said: "Together with ubivent we were able to create a positive experience for Africans all over the world. Exhibitors and participants have been enthusiastic about this innovative format." You can download and read the whole success story here: People Development's Virtual Career Fair.
- Clara

John Deere's Virtual Career Days

John Deere Virtual Career Days

08/28/2012. Deere & Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of farm equipment and decided to use our ubivent platform on a regular basis for hosting online career days. We have published a success story with a lot of background information. In this case study you can read about the effects of one of John Deere's Virtual Career Days: the participants’ attitude towards John Deere has greatly improved. 98% of the participants said that they would recommend such an event, and 90% assessed the available content as “good” or “very good”. Furthermore, the application rate picked up significantly after the event!
Ingolf Prüfer, Director of HR Europe, emphasizes this success: "Virtual career fairs are an important tool to present John Deere as employer of choice. With ubivent we could reach this goal on highest standard." We are very proud to work for such a world-class manufacturer and innovative company like John Deere! Click here to download our case study: John Deere’s Virtual Career Day.
- Michael

ICT Startup of the Year 2012

ICT Startup of the Year

07/08/2012. We have been awarded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology as one of three young ICT companies of the year 2012. In total, € 100.000 have been awarded to the three winning companies. We have been selected due to our high growth potential and unique service portfolio. Also, our track record of the past years and our management potential was rated as outstanding.
We are very proud to receive this prestigious award! This award is a milestone in the development of our company, although the biggest reward is still the satisfaction of our customers. We are very happy to work for highly successful corporations such as BASF, John Deere, Roche, and SAP. Additionally, a lot of innovative mid-sized companies rely on our virtual event solution to extend the reach of their events in a very cost efficient manner. This award is a huge honor, yet it also represents a responsibility to continue this successful journey together with our partners and customers!
- Michael

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