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ubivent is among the world's leading virtual event specialists. Our virtual event solutions and services allow your organization to reduce event costs dramatically, to contribute to a sustainable economy, and to extend the reach of events!

Use these advantages by organizing virtual fairs, webinars, online career fairs, virtual customer events, online trade shows, virtual kick off meetings, online academies, or virtual conferences.

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Virtual Conferences and Fairs

Congresses, conferences and events are important economic factors with promising futures. However, such events often include long journeys and high costs for participants and hosts alike. Virtual fairs and online conferences offer cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives. Lively interaction is guaranteed through the inclusion of live chats, both for groups and for private one-on-one communication. Furthermore, virtual booths can be used to convey information and to answer individual questions via live chats. more...


Virtual trade show from Select AG

This virtual show is already well established in the market, with thousands of visitors regularly taking part. At the fair, product innovations in the automotive industry are presented exclusively to automobile repair shops. more...

Virtual Employee Events

Cost reduction is a big advantage when organising a virtual internal event, because the event’s participants don’t need to spend any travel expenses. This also makes the organizing company a pioneer by reducing environmental strain. There a numerous ways of conducting an internal corporate event: internal field kick-off meetings and R&D conferences are two popular examples. Considering that such events are often used to exchange confidential information, very high security standards are required: a huge advantage of our ubivent technology. more...


Global virtual meetings at Roche

Early and efficient communication within the organization is of prime importance. In order to reach this goal, Roche Diabetes Care frequently uses ubivent’s virtual event technology. more...

Virtual Career Fairs

Your future employees want to communicate online - not only for personal amusement, but also for finding jobs! As well as increased reach, virtual career fairs have other benefits as well: for example, such events do not only reach students and alumni, but they also reach professionals who are not actively in search of a job and will not attend physical career fairs. A virtual career fair can be conducted jointly by several companies to present themselves as potential employers; or a single company uses the exclusiveness of their own virtual career event. more...


John Deere's online career fairs

Deere & Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of farm equipment and regularly hosts virtual career days on ubivent's platform for virtual events. more...

Virtual Press and Marketing Events

Online events can be used both to generate new leads as well as to communicate with existing clients, business partners, and the press. Here, information is transmitted via video streams or at virtual booths. In addition, it is possible to interact directly with clients, partners, and representatives of the press through the integration of private chats and public group chats. more...


MAN's virtual events and interactive live streams

The leading developer of commercial vehicles organizes virtual events and interactive live streams to extend the reach of its physical events. more...

Online Academies

A big advantage of virtual academies and online workshops is the independence of time and space. The reach of such virtual workshops can be increased significantly by broadcasting the lectures to remote participants. One of the most crucial points is interaction, which plays a key role in every training concept. more...


The Virtual Fundraising Online Conference from The Resource Alliance

Two days full of live lectures from the world’s leading experts. A total of 16 speakers from 10 different nations. Several thousands of participants from more than 100 countries all over the world. more...

Live Streaming

As part of a virtual event or as a stand-alone solution – live streaming offers an excellent way of presenting speeches in real time from a location to a vast amount of people. The live streaming solution based on ubivent's platform offers the advantage of preserving rich interaction - e.g. for a panel discussion. Our ubivent technology enables the audience to ask the presenter questions or to discuss the topic between one another. more...


ProCloud Forum - The Online Congress for Cloud Solutions

The Institute for Cloud Computing (IfCC) has the goal of regularly informing people about current topics concerning the cloud. This is why the institute conducted the “ProCloud Forum - The Online Congress for Cloud Solutions” based on our platform for virtual events. more...

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Interactive events

Our easy-to-use virtual environment only uses on cutting edge Internet technology. This allows for seamless online communication, helping to create that real “event feeling”. Live interaction with online participants is a fundamental element of events hosted on the ubivent platform.

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Individual solutions

With more than eight years of experience in conception, planning and conduction of online events, we are the perfect match to help you realize your individual project. Together with ubivent, you will be able to customize your online event to ensure that it fits your needs perfectly.

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International reach

We are proud of having realized projects in well over a hundred countries! Our international experience will be the key to your global success. Online events free up your time and space, helping you to reach a global market.

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Personal support & individual service

All projects, no matter if they are large or small, will be run by a dedicated ubivent project manager. Our staff has years of experience in the field of online events and is more than happy to put this experience at your service. This dedicated contact person attends your project from the first steps to the final review.

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Innovative software "made in Germany"

We have been honoured with several prestigious awards for innovative IT solutions. Furthermore, for the fifth year in a row our solution has been awarded the Quality seal "Software made in Germany". This internationally recognized certification certifies outstanding quality of software products made in Germany.

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Increase sustainability & reduce the ecological footprint

You contribute to a sustainable economy by "going virtual" with your events. In particular, international travel contributes significantly to global warming. For virtual events, travelling isn’t necessary and therefore helps to save thousands of tons of greenhouse gases.

Icon PlattformOur Platform

Main Hall and Lounge

The virtual main hall is the entry point for any online event. Here, attendees can do everything they need to become familiar with the online event. more...


Virtual events at SAP

SAP has chosen the ubivent virtual event platform for corporate virtual events and to complement physical events. more...

Keynote Theater

The virtual keynote theater is the broadcasting component of your online event. Each virtual event should include some live or pseudo-live parts, since this strengthens the interaction and produces a real "event feeling" for the participants. more...


The virtual marketplace by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) makes use of our virtual event solution as central platform for its virtual marketplace for the research funding program "Zwanzig20 - Partnership for Innovation". more...

Exhibition Hall with Booths

In the virtual exhibition hall, conference attendees can browse through booths. These virtual booths can be adjusted to your corporate identity, and all elements can be more or less emphasized, depending on how you want to present your content. more...


Virtual IT Job Fairs by JobLeads

The 'Virtual IT Job Fair' has been established as the biggest online career fair for IT professionals in German-speaking countries. Highly reputable companies are regularly participating in this event. more...

Icon ReferenzenSelected customers

“ubivent was quick and flexible to provide us with an innovative platform. We were able to reach our internal and external stakeholders all over the world without any issue. Together, we have shown how international events will be held in the future.”
Manfred Schurer, Head of e-Communications MAN

Icon White PaperWhite Papers

Virtual career and education fairs by the Alumniportal Germany

Virtual career and education fairs by the Alumniportal Germany

The social network Alumniportal Germany regularly conducts virtual career and education fairs under the brand “Trained in GermanY”. Their goal is to connect alumni, companies, universities, and organisations with a connection to Germany. more...

Simply intuitive – the virtual usability fair for small and medium-sized enterprises

Simply intuitive – the virtual usability fair for small and medium-sized enterprises

The term “usability” describes the user-friendliness of a software system. For several years, software developers not only focus on the performance of their systems. more...

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News Awards


Tobacco company Philip Morris GmbH (PMG) and software company ubivent GmbH have been awarded the “Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation” in the Food & Beverage category for their “Virtual Career Fair”. This digital job fair offers potential applicants the opportunity on an online platform to find out more about the company Philip Morris and its strategic realignment towards a smoke-free future. As with a real career fair, the platform provides various options for gathering information and making contact: if applicants click on the “Booths”, they receive information about the various departments at the company. In the “Auditorium”, interested parties can follow brief presentations from Philip Morris employees. In the pilot project on February 21, 2018, a team of PMG employees also took part by means of a live chat to answer questions about the company and career opportunities.

Virtual career fairs allow companies to increase the reach for their events by providing much more flexibility when it comes to geographical location and time. Applicants can sign in from anywhere in the world and interested parties can still access the fair online after it has ended.

News meetyoo-and-ubivent


ubivent is awarded again! Countless innovative companies have again applied for this highly prestigious award. The choice of the expert jury has not been a simple one: To award the prize not only to the most innovative IT services that promise to set new trends for the industry, but to those that are most useful especially for small-and-medium-sized enterprises. Once again, ubivent GmbH has been one of the prime candidates for this price in IT innovation. So it is no surprise that in 2018 ubivent GmbH wins the award in the category of internet services! This very well illustrates how well the concept of virtual events is established! We are very pleased by this great awards and are honored to be in a row with many other excellent small-and-medium-sized companies!