Main Hall & Lounge

The virtual main hall is the entry point for any online event. Here, attendees can do everything they need to become familiar with the online event.

Get familiar

Typically, they can watch a teaser or welcome video which tells them the most important information about the virtual event. There is also an information booth where attendees can inquire for any type of assistance they might need.


Additionally, there is usually a lounge area as part of the main hall. Here, participants are able to interact with each other. We have integrated multiple social networking capabilities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ...) in order to enable rich communication and to ensure that contacts are not lost once the event is over.


The main hall is also the navigation center for virtual events. From here, attendees can access all other areas of the event, such as a keynote theater with video presentations or an exhibition hall with virtual booths. As the virtual event platform supports events of unlimited size, it is also possible to access further halls and thus adding additional navigation layers for very large events.


SAP has chosen the ubivent virtual event platform for the first virtual software event at SAP. The project was a huge success, as Reiner Schmitt (Head of SAP’s Global License and Asset Management team) states: “The ubivent guys were of great help for the event. The platform was running really stable in all parts of our global network. For the first time we were able to inform so many employees about software licensing.” Read more here.